Time Tracking

Time Tracking

Accurate and efficient time management from any device. 

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Time Tracking That Doesn’t Waste a Second

How do we do it?

  • With automated time tracking, you can easily manage absences, missed punches, time cards, and more without the hassle of manual schedules, calculations, and data entry.
  • Employees can view their own information and punch in and out from any device while approved changes are automatically captured in payroll and stored for your records. The result? One accurate and efficient solution that saves you and your employees time.

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Time Tracking in HR Software - SentricHR

Streamlined & Accurate
Time Tracking

No matter how you track employee hours, our software has everything you need to manage time efficiently and accurately. With SentricHR, you can:

  • Edit and approve time cards individually or in batches
  • Check missed punches, absences, tardies, and early departures
  • Manage overtime, holiday hours, rounding rules, and more to help you stay compliant
  • Set up automatedapprovals and notifications
  • Compare scheduled vs. actual hours side by side
  • Pay approved hours seamlessly
  • Encourage employees to punch, forecast leave, and request time off from any device

Capture Time Anywhere

  • Capture time no matter where your employees are with our physical time clocks and mobile app.
  • Biometric readers and geofencing capabilities validate employee identity and location.
  • Labor allocation helps you easily transition from one project to the next for accurate reporting every time.

Easy Absence Management

With SentricHR, employees can forecast their paid time off balances and request leave and time off so you don’t have to do it for them. You’re free to:

  • Use our pre-built workflows for common absence plans
  • Create custom absence plans specific to your
    business and employees
  • Assign absence plans to employees based on position or tenure
  • Automate approvals for employee leave and time off requests

Simplified Scheduling

Whether you need basic scheduling capabilities or something more robust, our tools will help you optimize schedules and minimize labor costs.

Our basic scheduling tool lets you:

  • View schedules by employee, department, or time period
  • Resolve schedule conflicts
  • Ensure coverage for every shift
  • Create recurring schedule patterns

With our advanced scheduling feature, employees can show their availability and swap shifts, while you can:

  • Stay compliant with fair scheduling labor laws
  • Compare budgets vs schedules
  • Get monthly labor ratios
  • Avoid gaps in labor
  • Control overtime
  • Call out open shifts
  • Fill shifts based on qualifications, proximity, rating, and cost
Scheduling feature in HR Software - SentricHR

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